Ondrej Smeykal's personal Frank Thill Didgeridoo

Frank Thill

Mouthpiece diameter...
Bell diameter...


A masterpiece!

Frank Thill Ondrej

In Ondrej's own words....

" ....this is Frank Thill Yidaki. Stringybark Eucalyptus. Sculpted in early 2000, when frank use to
make instruments in Arnhem land together with yolngu people. Instrument has darker tembre,
earthy drone with quite strong amplification effect because its bell shape. Frank Thills
instruments are well recognized in didgeridoo and yidaki subcultures, for it precise german
shaping and still, keeping natural earthy feeling of yidaki.
Mouthpiece is slightly oval, easy to play for all levels of players...
Instrument can fit in music band , as well for solo performance.
This instrument i would call kind of “heavy old school gun.” Instrument has much heavier and
earthy sound then nowadays bell instruments. And although it is bell shaped stick, its back
pressure does not require ANY push at all.
It is nicely balanced for many different levels of temperament, from soft droning up to wild
pressure, still react. Trumpets sounds are good, and especially first one keeps mood of stick in
nice earthy tune..
Its strong grounding character, loud percussive sound abilities helped me to define my
rhythmical vocabulary. Instrument can be played as trad style as contemporary techniques, and
because its louder , it can easy hold quite big audience for acoustic gigs...
Between 2005 and 2010 was heavily used on my gigs and some recordings, for example on CD
didgeridoo solo II / song INdiánská and CD Autopilote - IDO /song Black Luna
Technically is instrument in good condition, ready to be used. Was cleaned and coated.
Instrument has repeared crack on middle part of its length . originally it appears on most of my
pictures with black tape. Now is repeared and plays great. Eventhough was used hundreds of
hours and hours, on its mouthpiece part never got cracked, which is quite unique on my
I can recommend this instrument for collection of someone who loves instruments with
personality and story... or someone who would like to support my art development...
I am selling it to financialy support my new musical project , and beside of that need of
financing my new stuff, i would never sell it.
For someone who would be interested for purchase i am offering as well free three days tuition
on my didgeridoo retreat 2019, held in Wales.
I am wish that instrument will find its new happy explorel !!!
Thank you."

Sound file 'Indiánská/ from Ondrej's second solo CD