Ceremonial Morning Star Pole

Ex-McAlpine collection from 1960's.

118 cm

These Ceremonial Morning Star Poles rarely come on the market, especially an old used ceremonial one such as this, with its sprout of traditional feathers, hair, bush string and natural red ochre paint, a truely magical authentic artefact and used in one of the most sacred of Aboriginal rituals!

'In the Dreaming, it is said that the spirits keep Barnumbirr the Morning Star in a dilly bag throughout the day. Accompanied by songs, dancers kick up clouds of dust which gradually blocks out the sun and brings on the night. When the moon has set and just before the dawn, the Morning Star flies up and as the sun rises the old woman pulls on the string and brings Barnumbirr back to the dilly bag. When a person dies, Barnumbirr sends down a feathered string to catch the person's spirit taking it back to his or her spiritual home.'

On a metaphysical level, it is believed that this Aboriginal artefact creates a spiritual doorway from Earth to Venus.

In excellent collectable condition, nice powdery red ochre on solid wood, several people have remarked sensing something similar to an electric current when held! A well used and well looked after ceremonial Aboriginal artefact!

Certificate of Authenticity included.