Weaving Lives together at Bawaka

North East Arnhem Land

weaving lives Aboriginal book

'Weaving Lives Together at Bawaka.'

The book is a collaboration between five senior Yolngu women from north-east Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia and three academic women from Macquarie University and Newcastle University in New South Wales, Australia.  The book is written from a Yolngu perspective and shares the processes and methods of weaving and its preparation.  Importantly, its storytelling and images discuss the metaphoric and cultural significance of weaving for Yolngu women.

The book was published by the Centre for Urban and Regional Studies, University of Newcastle, NSW through a grant from Tourism NT and is now in its second round of 1000 publications.  All profits from the book go directly to Bawaka Tourism, a family tourism enterprise in north east Arnhem Land. 

£15.00 ($25.00 rrp)

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