Darryl Dikarrna with White Cockatoo

"Mago Masterclass"

This is a classy CD in all respects. Competent studio recording/mastering coupled with professional graphic design and layout.

The Western Arnhem Land mago has been neglected for too long, and this new CD brings new perspectives to the ancient Gunborg tradition of which the late David Blanasi was a world-renowned exponent. Darryl Dikarrna, Blanasi's grandson, carries on this tradition with style and confidence. Comprising of tuition, solo demonstrations, mouth sounds, explanations and stories in the Kuninjku and English language, and the full emsemble of voice, clapsticks and mago accompaniment, this is a must-have CD for all didgeridoo enthusiasts looking for cultural insight and technical advancement. 6 pages of liner notes. Of special interest is the story of the special Djunggirriny often talked about by Djalu Gurruwiwi.

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