Instant Didgeridoo Sugarbag Wax Mouthpiece!
(A special blend of softer Australian sugarbag & harder UK wax.)

instant sugarbag wax mouthpiece

Give your beautiful yidaki/didgeridoo a new, instant, wax mouthpiece, in less than a minute!

Simply heat with a hairdryer and push gently in to place!

YouTube movie instructions

The perfect didgeridoo mouthpiece - everytime!

Beeswax ring has an inside dia 27 mm and an outside dia 50 mm, and so easy to increase the internal or reduce the outside diameter.

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Sugarbag is found in tree hollows. An Aborigine may spot something resembling a small wax 'nose like' protrusion from the tree, or notice the movements of a single stingless bee to know a delicious natural honey pot is waiting to be opened! The Aborigine either splits open the opening or simply cuts off the branch in order to access the honey (guku) inside. The native honey tastes amazing!

eating bush honey
Eating fresh honey in the bush

honey for later

Plugging the ends of the hollow branch to share guku with family.

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