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- Andrew Begay -

Native American Indian
Flute Making Workshop

Native American Indian Flute

NAI Flute Making Workshop
From 1pm Saturday 3rd June 2017
Unit 12 Taylors, Gravel Lane, Chigwell, Essex, IG7 6DQ.

Under Andrew's instruction, you will make a traditional Native American flute to take home and keep.

You will also be shown the basics of how to play the Native American flute.

Cost £125


Andrew Begay
is a master flute maker, wood sculptor & storyteller. He was raised in a Dine’ Native American family which was seeped in their traditional ceremonies and way of life. He grew up as a sheep herder on the land – among the last of his generation to experience a traditional way of life. The ceremonies he carries are in the context of his culture, passed down the family line, earned, and gifted. Andrew is of the Mud Clan, born for Red Streaking into Water People.

When Andrew was five years old, his grandfather introduced him to the flute. Grandfather drew its name in the desert sand before him. Andrew read the word, the wind already erasing the markings. Grandfather said, “I imagine you can make this, and learn to play one too.” This was the beginning of Andrew’s life journey, a journey whose purpose is to discover and share with the world the beauty of a voice that resonates from the depths of his ancient, almost lost, culture. Through following his path, he is now in a place where his powerfully spirited flutes and sculptures are treasured by players and collectors around the world.

Listening to Andrew play the flutes he creates is an all-encompassing experience. It brings together a true gift in song and story, ceremony and true knowledge of one’s roots. Through these modalities, people’s hearts and spirits are touched in a way that is unexplainable. He sees his work in wood, music, storytelling, and sweat lodges as part of the same continuum and seeks to humbly serve the purpose given to him – to walk in beauty.

This is a very rare opportunity to experience the richness of the Native American Culture directly, with a man who serves as a bridge between his ancient, living culture and a modern experience of life, and the challenges inherent in being true to one’s work. Perhaps this is Andrew’s greatest gift; simply by being himself, he brings the power, value, and humor of his ancient, and wonderfully human, culture into full, electrifying contact with ours.

Navajo Native American flute

Andrew Begay Flute workshop UK

MP3 of Native American Indian Andrew Begay singing and playing flute!

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