David Blanasi

David Blanasi was born in 1930 and he became the undisputed mago master craftsman, he was also a senior and highly respected
Wugularr elder and co-founder of The White Cockatoo Performing Group.

David Blanasi travelled and performed extensively throughout the world for over three decades and brought the mago to national and international prominence for the first time.

His extraordinary virtuosity made him the 'free jazz' master of the Western Arnhem land "Gunborg" tradition, where the continious drone of mago is syncopated in time with the songmen.

Sadly, in the year 1998, Western Arnhem Land lost David Blanasi´s life long partner and incomparable songmaster Djoli Laiwonga (The Black Cockatoo). In august 2001 David Blanasi (The White Cockatoo) went missing from his community.

The circumstances of the mago master´s disappearance remain a mystery.

According to tribal law their tradition was passed on to the senior songmasters Jack Nawalill, David Yirindilli and David Blanasi´s mago apprentice
Darryl Dikarrna

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David Blanasi mago


David Blanasi mago

Ceremonially used Mago