Frank Thill

Frank Thill Didgeridoo

Frank Thill Didgeridoo

Frank Thill Didgeridoo

Frank Thill Didgeridoo

Sugarbag Mouthpiece I/D...
28 mm
Bell O/D...
190 - 220 mm
150 cm

Frank Thill, Gurruwiwi decorated, Big Bore E Didgeridoo.

This was my very first didgeridoo which I bought a number of years ago from a gallery displaying a number of Frank's instruments, and it has been my #1 personal instrument ever since. This is the very best Frank Thill instrument I have ever played. I have performed live at many gigs and without the need for amplification because it is sooo very LOUD! The huge trumpet bell gives a massive volume boost without distortion and enables it to stand upright with ease!

This exceptionally high quality instrument is both a great joy and very rewarding to play, hugely responsive with clean sharp vocals, brilliant on the 'jaw drop' technique, excellent bass response, and unbelievably good back pressure despite its big bore.

[For those familiar with Amma, you may be of interest to know that Amma blessed this instrument when she came to the UK in 2002.]

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